and Rosé

Hi there ! I'm Brittany - a California girl and editorial photographer with a healthy splash of wanderlust.

I was destined to become a Francophile. My mum took me on my first trip to France at four months old and we've since returned every year or two to explore new provinces. I love hosting friends and family after visiting a new region - sharing the culture through food (and the appropriate wine pairing.) And while I'm a novice cook, I often find the simple flavors and dishes are my favorite !

My goal here is to help you discover the different regions of France and bring the culture home with you through beautiful photos, easy recipes, anecdotes, and travel tips for when you go. Although my focus is France, I love sharing my favorite things - so there will also be the occasional local California jaunt, New York hotel, or Grecian dessert. Look forward to sharing my experiences with you !